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Summer Pool Party

Spring / Summer '24

Scent Descriptions


Mountain Mist

Do you remember the first time you caught the scent of new life after a long winter? Do you remember that delicate woodland air and tantalizing cedar wood? Mountain Mist brings all those scents to life from the comfort of your home, invigorating the soul. You’ll delight at favorite year-round notes of cinnamon and amber contrasting with wonderful spring elements like vetiver, sage, and citrus. This is the excitement and adventure you need for this time of year.


Enchanted Meadow

Few things in life compare to the scents and the sight of wildflowers dancing in a light wind. Feel the sun on your face and the buzz of bees in the air with Enchanted Meadow. Iris is abundant at this time of year and its delicate floral prepares you for the wonderful top note of peach blossom carrying you through the season. Finished off with white musk, it’ll make you want to spend all day outside enjoying the abundant spring sensations.


Twilight Queen

Blossom is in the air with Twilight Queen! Floral fruit scents define the spring, and so do the fruits that they will eventually bear as spring turns to summer. This scent nicely contrasts the rich fruit of black plum with ylang ylang’s slightly fruity, slightly spicy edge. The finishing touch is the wonderful sweet yet delicate white plumeria flower. Twilight Queen conjures up everything you love about springtime, preparing mind, body, and soul for the warmer weather and longer days.


Fresh Linen

Spring means flowers, sunshine, and iced drinks. It also means spring cleaning with the windows open. And what better way to start than with fresh linen on your bed to start the new season? There is something wonderful about the feel of clean cotton on your skin with a delicate hint of lemon scent and sandalwood tantalizing the nose. You’d be tempted to take a relaxing nap in the middle of the day. Go ahead, you’ve earned it!


Exotic Escape

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your favorite tropical beach, a cocktail or fruit drink in one hand, and a cozy poolside-read book in the other. That’s what Exotic Escape is all about! Blending strawberry with soft vanilla fruits, and notes of your favorite tropical scents, get ready to bathe in the warm waters of the Caribbean or the Pacific coast. As the golden rays of spring warm your skin, enjoy the scent of orange blossom no matter the time of year.


Paradise Skies

Summer, summer, summer. Long days at the beach, dazzling sunsets, and summer blossom – base notes of eucalyptus leaf, driftwood and sea mist bring forth those often-undefinable aromas of high summer. Florals and blue lotus underline Himalayan salt for a middle flourish. Finally, that unmistakable sea air scent that delights the nose is topped with jasmine petals and bergamot. Are you at the ocean? You’d wish you were! 


Valentine's Day '24

Scent Descriptions



Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without florals and greenery. The season of love brings the most notable scent of the occasion – roses. Yet there is more to love than roses, and there is more to this scent too. The delightful flower is underscored by a delicate scent of vetiver which will tantalize the nose and hint at the spring to come. Finally, a hint of ozone takes the edge off the sweetness.



Wake up on Valentine’s Day morning to the timeless yet always pleasing scent of effervescent vanilla. Valentine’s Day is about passion as well as gentleness – that’s why this gorgeous scent has a top note of moonflower, creating a bold aroma for the day ahead, whether you’re waking up to a sumptuous breakfast in bed, or packing your bags for an exciting, romantic getaway.



Honey for your honey. The main note of this scent is this timeless and delightful natural sweetener with hints of acacia, peach, and mandarin. Add in an autumnal golden amber and you have the perfect organic, natural scent for winding down with your loved one. Finally, a sweet musk reminds us of the coziness of winter, and the desire for a warmth shared with a loved one.


Fall / Winter '23

Scent Descriptions (15).png

Blissful Mornings

Cooler and darker mornings of the fall require small comforts to help you wake up and get through the day. And what is more comforting than quintessential scents of the seasonal breakfast – the delicate yet familiar cereal, and the always-pleasing hazelnut, topped with luxurious maple syrup. We all struggle to rise on a dark and wet morning but waking to this fall-scented candle is all the easier. (16).png


When we think of the fall we naturally think of the colors, but we also think of those unmistakable autumnal scents. Always a favorite among those who love candles, citrus and spiced apple are delightful because of the fall association, contrasting against the changing weather. Fallen is perhaps the perfect name for a candle which conjures up notes of Halloween evenings with the family. (20).png

Black Ice

It’s the ideal fall scent combination for men, inspired by all your favourit car fresheners. Base notes of moss and wood immediately put you in mind of those early fall mornings – walking the dogs or exercising in a foggy, autumnal morning landscape. Middle notes of ambergris, jasmine, and lily petals delight the senses with the last embers of summer. Top citrus notes complete Black Ice, adding a touch of fruit. (19).png


Few floral scents denote the arrival of autumn, but one in particular stands out more than the rest. Lavender scented candles have been hugely popular for good reason, but our take on this timeless autumnal classic also includes a distinct Earthy scent familiar to waking up on those fall morning. Finally, a touch of amber makes this a truly “timeless” fall candle. (18).png

Amber Orchid

Autumn/fall scents are noted for their musk and spices, but they don’t have to be! There are essential floral scents of the fall too. Coconut conjures up late summer in the tropics while jasmine grounds us back into fall florals. And finally, that all too familiar ozone permeates the air just as it does on those cool, fresh, blue hour autumnal mornings. Grab your blanket and enjoy! (21).png

Hoodie Szn

Hoodie Szn is a fantastic scent for the transitioning seasons; it brings to mind the continuing warmer weather while remaining mindful of the advancing fall. The green vibes and mint remind us of long hot summers sipping iced tea while low notes of moss and musk define those cozy early fall days. (14).png


Sturdy by name, and it certainly has some substantial fall scents! The delicate summer-autumn bergamot note soon gives way to the unmistakable and always pleasant cardamom spice – just one of many mainstays of seasonal food. More temperate areas have a strong association between fall and the mighty oak tree. You will delight at childhood fall mornings, recalling the distinct damp in the air with that delicate moss aroma. (17).png

Autumn Sunrise

If woody and citrus scents are for you, then autumn sunrise may be your perfect fall candle. Blending mouth-watering citrus with the sweet woodiness of sandalwood, this candle’s final flourish is lily. Reminiscent of late summer and early fall, that warm glow will ease you into the comforts of autumn, delighting in the essences of the early part of the season.

Image by Sean Oulashin

Spring / Summer '23

Scent Descriptions


Mango Go Coco

Fruit scents epitomize spring and summer. Few are as delightful as those mouthwatering tropical scents. Mango Go Coco will whisk you away to a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in your hand. Base notes of sweet sugar and coconut milk pleasantly give way to the two delightful and unmistakable aromas of peach and mango. Finally, orange peel and mango will have you wanting to book your summer vacation now. ​​​​​

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 4.06.16 PM.png

Paradise Skies

Summer, summer, summer. Long days at the beach, dazzling sunsets, and summer blossom – base notes of eucalyptus leaf, driftwood and sea mist bring forth those often-undefinable aromas of high summer. Florals and blue lotus underline Himalayan salt for a middle flourish. Finally, that unmistakable sea air scent that delights the nose is topped with jasmine petals and bergamot. Are you at the ocean? You’d wish you were! 


Pink Mas

Spring and summer are defined by florals, and sugar candies. Pink Mas brings you the best, most delicate scents from this season – base notes of caramel, vanilla, powder musk and red licorice are pure carnival. White flower, fig petal and sweet orange will calm your mind with its quintessential summer vibe. Finally, summer fruits of raspberry and strawberry – the two aromas of spun sugar cotton candy. 


Cherry Summer Sparkle

It wouldn’t be summer without those berries, and few are as quintessentially summer as the strawberry. Cherry Summer Sparkle conjures up high summer in the northern hemisphere with sugar crystals and strawberry as base notes. Lemonade is a popular drink for this season – and that makes up the delightful middle notes while the top notes flourish with tart cherry and lemon. We’re berry mad for this incredible summer blend! 


Mojito Lounge

Heading out on vacation this year? Whether you’re going to California, Florida Keys, or even Mexico – vacation time is when you kick back and sip cocktails by the pool or sea. Mojito Lounge brings the aromas of smooth vanilla and thyme, complemented with herbal mint and lavender. Delicate rhubarb and tangy sparkling grapefruits finish with a flourish. Take some “me time” and sip while the sun sets on another week. 


Lavender Valley

Indulge those late summer vibes with Lavender Valley. That unmistakable sandalwood forms the base of high summer as the slow descent towards autumn begins. But summer has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The green of fresh fern and sweet seasonal honey permeates the air, reminding you of the warm coziness. Finally, a top note of lush green and lavender delight the nose as you imagine yourself lying in a field at golden hour. 


Just Peachy

Sweet, sweet sugar and vanilla is the foundation on which this wonderfully varied and fruity scent is based. Spring and summer simply aren’t the same without those unmistakable florals. That’s why we’ve added the delicate middle notes of violet petals and succulents, peach nectar, all topped with the delicate seasonal fruit of plum. What’s more, Just Peachy delivers essential summer aromas of coconut, raspberry, and mandarin – a true fruit cocktail! 


Cool It Now

Summer can be long and hot. Sometimes, you need to step away from those warming fruit and ocean scents and seek shade. What do you drink when needing to chill? Iced water: this scent conjures up that need to chill out on a hot day. Eucalyptus and spearmint make up the main scents, always essential ingredients for a refreshing iced water. A delicate musk middle note keeps this fresh vibe scent. 

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